It’s me, Torii!

Hey you, yes YOU! Thank you SO much for coming and welcome to my brand spankin’ new blog, She gets dressed

-. If you’re wondering if there is a story behind what the name is about, I’m here to fill you in. Have you ever wanted to wear something so badly, but didn’t know if you could “pull if off”? Well, I have. And I sat in that space of doubt for a long, long time. Let’s face it, in my day (okay, I’m 29) Growing up I was conditioned to think that weight gain was this trivial thing that happened to you if you didn’t care enough about your body. Little did I know, this kind of conditioning set the tone for me and millions of other women and men to develop a complex about who they are based on the size of their bodies. We saw it in movies and tv shows, read about it in books and magazines, saw it on billboards and ads everywhere, and heard about it in gossip circles, from our doctors, friends, and even family. It was the norm, and though we’re evolving and working hard to step away from the narrative that is weight shame, it still exists. But I am here to tell you that I work hard to normalize body acceptance so that no matter what size you are, you feel worthy enough to wear the things you’ve always dreamt of, and display your sense of style and fashion to the world. I want YOU to know that you can get dressed in the clothes that make you feel good, because it is your right to feel sexy, have fun, and express your style whatever that may be, and taking your power back by dressing for yourself, without worry of judgment.

Now, I want you to know why you’re here. You are here because you are someone who is seeking a positive space to be in, whether it’s finding your voice and using it to be heard, or reading about the things that you feel, but don’t quite know how to say. Here I will also show you how to dress yourself and find your specific style! It may be hard to find what you like to wear, I totally get it! For years I was stuck in a rut of finding what my style is after coming into this new, bigger body of mine. I thought that because I am plus size, I didn’t have the right to adorn myself in cute clothing and accessories, because I shouldn’t be seen. How wrong was I?! So, so very wrong. That was just the voice in my head from companies who profited off of making women insecure to make money. I deserve to be seen, YOU deserve to be seen. Regardless of the size of your waist, I believe that all women can own their style, feel incredible by expressing themselves through their own fashion, and have fun while doing it!

So here we go! Thank you for taking this dive and joining me in the blogosphere, I promise to deliver fun fashion, and real, honest conversation. Till next time.



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