Worried About Ordering From Shein? Read This!

Have you ever perused the Shein App thinking how cute everything is, only to question whether or not it would actually fit properly, be good quality, or even look the same as it does in the photo? Fear not, babe. I’ve got you. I have personally ordered from Shein many times, and I’m here to share the deets.

The first time I ordered from Shein, I figured I would just take my measurements and order the size that matched those measurements. Online shopping is hard like that, sometimes you’re just playing a guessing game. And to be honest, it’s even harder as a plus size woman. While I was pretty confident that this would be fine, I still felt resistance while hitting that purchase button! But I did, because the clothes are SUPER cute and trendy, and it’s not always easy to stay up on your fashion game when trends are constantly changing so fast! I got my first order, and I’d say about half of the outfits fit me well, a quarter of them too small, and the other quarter ran too big. The clothes that were too small were shorts and rompers. The ones that were too big were the shirts I ordered.

Since then, each time I purchase from them I made sure to size up accordingly. If I order bottoms that are clearly form fitting on the model, then I order one size up. If it doesn’t look form fitting, like an empire waist maxi skirt, then I match my measurements to the appropriate size they have. Which please note, is different for each piece of clothing they have. It’s annoying, but worth it if you follow my advice!

Now I’ll be blunt about the quality of their clothes, they’re all manufactured and shipped from China, and the material and fabric is sub par. It’s definitely not BAD, but just don’t expect some high quality ish, because that’s not what you’re going to get. If I were to compare the quality of Shein’s clothing to a big fashion brand, I’d say it’s comparable to Forever 21’s clothing. But hey, it’s affordable, and trends don’t last forever, so it’s not like I go their to buy my staple clothing pieces like jeans or v-neck shirts that I’d wear on the daily.

Shipping is pretty quick considering it’s being sent from overseas. I normally receive my clothes in 5 or 6 days. And if you don’t like anything you ordered, than you can return them for free! That’s a huge plus that keeps me returning for more.

If you make sure to follow my guidelines on sizing, then you should receive proper fitting clothes from Shein! They’re stuff is truly so cute, and so are their accessories. I order all of my hair scarfs for $2-$3, and sunnies averaging $4 a pair. You honestly cannot beat those prices. Ballin on a budget! Woop woop!

If you have any more questions on anything I may have not addressed, please feel free to reach out to me here or on my other social channels! I hope this makes your shopping with them a little less stressful.



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