My Experience at The Curvy Con with Chic Soul

My trip to The Curvy Con during New York Fashion week was nothing shy of amazing. I went in feeling nervous because I was going solo to a major event, and it’s a bit scary because you never know how these things are going to go. In the end I’m actually really happy that I did go solo for my first time because I was able to experience it on my exact terms, doing exactly what I wanted to do. Listen, your girl can be a control freak so this worked out perfectly!

Now let me tell you girl, I wish I prepared better for this entire trip because NYFW IS A DAMN SPORT. Have you seen the meme of that guy running on a treadmill with his luggage preparing for when he’s late for his flight? That SHOULD’VE BEEN ME prepping because it straight up would have been useful. Not even joking here.

I stayed in Brooklyn, and even though it was only 4.2 miles from Manhattan, it can take an hour in an Uber or Lyft and 40 minutes via subway. I took both the subway and lyft, and my feet have blisters to show it and my late attendance proves it. Let’s just say next year I’ll be staying in a hotel that is as close as humanly possible to the event.

But I digress, exploring the city via subway back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan was pretty cool. And you also feel really cool once you’ve got it down pat. Not to brag but it took me 4 days to not get lost so I’d say I’m a professional now.

One of the cool perks of being a platinum ticket holder was that Nike gave you a free plus size sports bra. I headed to Nike NYC on Thursday, got fitted for one of their sports bras and then headed to Center 415 for The Curvy Con Welcome Workout Party. The Welcome Workout Party was so inspiring and positive. We were instructed to do the exercises as our bodies would allow us, and there was no judgement or expectations, just to have fun and move in a way that felt good! Looking around and seeing women similar to my size exercising, having fun, dancing, and laughing was probably one of the coolest moments ever. I felt completely comfortable in my body, a feeling I RARELY feel if I’m exercising, especially in a room full of people! After the workout I grabbed some cold water bottles and snacks that they provided, and headed home to prep for the next day.

The next day Shiloh came with me to the city to do a quick photo shoot for my first look in Chic Soul before I went to The Curvy Con. We shot in front of the New York Public Library and even though that wasn’t planned, it turned out perfectly because it was right down the street from the event. Often times it can be a little awkward to shoot around a bunch of people, but I felt completely in my element shooting in New York. I didn’t realize until I posted on Instagram and my follower @sunshinehoneybee said that I was a Blair (from Gossip Girl) that I realized I totally was!

You know I love to be transparent, so I’ll be totally honest with you that I put these shoes on once I got off the subway because I didn’t want to tire my feet out too quickly. But that meant that I had a huge ass bag full of stuff with me once I got to Curvy Con, and unfortunately they didn’t have a coat check. But this woman at the front was super nice and let me leave my bags up front, bless your heart random staff worker. She saved me so much agony.

The Curvy Con was setup so cute and had tons of pop up shops to shop from! Torrid, Anthropologie, Loft, Eloquii, Madewell, Macy’s and a ton more were there and all had super cute backdrops to take photos at. Most of them had sales as well, and even Torrid and Madewell were giving away clothes. This is the day there were runway shows, and I experienced my first ever runway show AND runway show with plus size models! It was so cool. As a platinum ticket holder you also had priority seating which was nice, and I was able to snag a front row seat. After I sat down I saw Hunter McGrady and HAD to tell her what a role model she’s been to me. She was so warm and welcoming which was amazing. And she commented on my outfit how she thought it was super cute and asked me who I was wearing, I was like “Girlllll thank you, it’s Chic Soul!” So basically my day was made and then I watched an awesome fashion show and all was amazing in the world.

That night I went to the Anthropologie party and rocked some Chic Soul being the little rebel that I am. This dress was SO comfy and dynamic, I love it.

The next day I was exhausted so I got a pretty late start. I got to Curvy Con and sat in on some of the panels and walked around the shops. The panels were by far my favorite part of the day. Most of them were about breaking barriers, glass ceilings and going for your dreams while facing adversity and weight stigmas. I love to hear how women have created a life for themselves by paving their own way. It’s inspiring and it motivated me to get my ass out there and push past my fears.

I left Curvy Con feeling so full of hope and motivation to really go out there and continue creating my own path for what I want to do with my life and my business. I come from a family that is very much goal oriented, but not in an entrepreneurial way. Most of the people in my family go to college, get a degree and work a 9-5 job. Being the creative I am, it’s hard for some people to understand my dreams. But here’s the thing, they don’t have to. And that’s okay!

Only you are going to be able to have the crazy, wild, burning passion for your dreams in the way that you do. So you have to truly love it, without getting validation for it from others. But you can be motivated by people doing similar things. People who carve out their own paths are people I love learning from. They’re interesting to me, because they are risk takers, they are the people who are willing to go outside of their comfort zones to try and live the life they dream of, even if that means failing. And that’s what the Curvy Con did for me, it showed me real and tangible dreams women have achieved despite all of the road blocks life puts in our way. What’s more inspiring than that?! I hope that one day you get to experience The Curvy Con and feel inspired like I did!



I’d like to say another big thank you to Chic Soul for believing in me and my style, and for partnering with me for The Curvy Con at New York Fashion Week!

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